Saturday, June 6, 2009

A sea of pigs...but not swine...sweet little pink pigs..these little guys are being donated to East End Hospice Annual Pig Roast at Pindar Vinyards on June 6th...this is the 5th year I have been donating...this year these cookies are donated in the memory of
Kathy dear friends sister who died a few weeks ago from cancer...Kathy was quite a unique person..she had battled cancer in one form of another since she was 19 years old..she died in her 59th year..her whole adult life was a war..from liver cancer to breast cancer to uterine cancer...and the list goes on..she was in actuallity a miracle in herself..she fianlly moved from NY to Florida where she wanted to spend the rest of her days..about three years ago..she was just recently diagnosed with colon cancer and pancreatic cancer was discovered during surgery..she never recovered from the surgery...she spent the last two weeks of her life in a hospital bed.with her sisters by her in peace Kathy..Heaven will surely be quite a place with you there..Paula
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finsmom said...

SO CUTE! My kidlets would love these! Thanks for sharing!