Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Broken Heart...almost a week ago my 18 year old niece passed away...I cannot express the feeling of remorse I am feeling..and have been for the past week....my family was estranged from each other for almost two years..I lost two years of my life....even though we were on our way to mend..it was too late..it never happened...Hope Passed b4 we got to make up...I will never ever be at peace knowing that I didnt resolve our differences and tell her how much I love and missed her..I hope she knows up in heaven ..how much my heart aches and is heavy with such saddness.....I will never ever get the chance to tell her myself in person.....how much I love her..and missed her and how much I am sorry that I missed so much in her life..I looked at pictures on Facebook almost every day...to stay updated..I hope she knows...she was like my own..she was more like my friend than an aunt..maybe too much like a friend..she was a blessing in my life..and a piece of my soul and heart is broken...and never will be the same...until we meet again..love you HOPIE !!!!!Happy 19th Birthday..........love mopsi

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