Friday, February 26, 2010

Ricotta Cookies

I have been trying to perfect the ricotta cookie recipe for a while now..they are either to soft, or to hard or too flat or too wet or too dry..but believe it or not last month in I think It was a Family Cirlce or Womans Day magazine I go the recipe and made them and they were pretty good...actually really very good..but I of course had to mess with it..they were a wee bit dry for my taste so I increased the ricotta by a half cup and I think that they came out just about time gonna do something different with the icing..maybe thinner and not as white..more like a glaze..but they were delish anyway...everytime it snows and god knows we have had our share ..I bake and bake..there is nothing more comforting than the snow falling while the fire is burning and the smell of cookies in the oven filling the house...warms the heart and soothes the soul !!!!!
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